How to pick a Sportsbook


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How to pick a Sportsbook

Selecting the ideal sportsbook is crucial. In this guide, we try to do the work for you on how to select the best online sportsbook. You may not have time to evaluate the top 5 gambling and sports betting websites. Here, we try to break it down into categories you really must consider.

We’ve put together resources to start your education in selecting the perfect sportsbook. In this article, we are not trying to tell you how to place bets, because we know most of you know how to fill out a bet slip. Here, we try to touch on the most salient points you should consider in choosing a sportsbook that’s right for you. Below, you will see why we recommend joining multiple sportsbooks.

By the end of this step-by-step guide, you should have all the information you require to make an enlightened and informed decision.

Steps to Selecting a Reputable and Secure Sportsbook

The first Question to Ask: Is it even legal to wager online from your jurisdiction or location?

The initial concern should be the legality of online sports betting in the United States. There is an incredible appetite for sports gambling in the US. Although sports betting is huge in Europe, the demand in the US has been growing for years, forcing many to look for offshore betting solutions which has separate legal implications for US citizens.  This is why we believe that it’s necessary to address the issue in this article.

Recently, the game has changed for online sports betting, especially for US-based gamblers.  The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) is the federal law that effectively banned sports betting in the United States.

In the case, known as Murphy v. NCAA, the State of New Jersey attempted to get around PASPA by repealing the State’s existing laws that banned sports betting, rather than pass an express statute authorizing the practice. The four major American sports leagues as well as the NCAA sued to stop New Jersey’s racetracks and casinos from opening sportsbooks.

New Jersey prevailed at the Supreme Court arguing that PASPA violated the anti-commandeering doctrine, the concept that because the 10th Amendment reserves all powers not expressly given to the federal government to the states, the federal government cannot prohibit state governments from passing legislation.  Now and in the near future, based on this case, all states in the Union will be setting up their own laws governing online and offline sportsbook operations.



  1. Level of Experience and Goals

Are you new to online betting or a salty old gambling pro? Do you have the experience to immediately jump into internet sports wagering, or do you need training? We’ll be posting plenty of training videos in the future for various aspects of wagering.

What are your goals? Do you consider yourself an occasional player or are you serious about making a continuous and ongoing income. Maybe you’re the type of gambler who intends to bet 365 days a year.

By recognizing what you hope to accomplish with your online sportsbook, the perfect fit is easy to find. If you’re not sure where you stand regarding your goals, don’t worry. We’ll discuss various criteria necessary to help you make your ultimate decision.

  1. Sportsbook Options and Sport Availability

Not all sportsbooks offer the same options and sports. The majority of sportsbooks offer most college and professional sports. Maybe you like to gamble on cricket games or are more comfortable at the blackjack table.

There are literally hundreds of sports betting websites. Here, we’ll point you toward the most trusted websites.

  1. List of Quality Sportsbooks

Depending on your goals and which gambling site operators are legal to operate in your jurisdiction, you can now narrow your decision. Although we do not address blacklisted sites in this article, we encourage you to visit other websites who monitor and document sites that have payment issues or poor customer service.



Sometimes, picking the perfect gambling operation is a very personal one. At times, users will find a particular site difficult to navigate or hard to understand. Many times, just the way the site is designed makes it difficult to enjoy. Nothing is worse than needing to quickly get into your account, place your bets and get out, but not being able to log in. How long does it take for you to locate the events on which you choose to wager?

  1. Check Other Sportsbook Reviews

Top online sportsbooks are reviewed frequently. There is a plethora of sites reviewing online gambling sites. Some are good, some are bad. Many reviews are quite detailed and informative. We’ve also found that many are packed with rubbish.

That said, many review sites offer opinions on how the user interfaces compare. You will likely see that some features become obvious to the style and feel of the interface you are seeking.

Below, we have included a few sites that provide comprehensive reviews that we feel might be useful to you.

  1. Criteria

Whether you’re a beginner or expert, your criteria will have common denominators. Trust, reliability, and ease of use. Let’s dig a little bit deeper into Criteria.

Sporting Events Available

Clearly, the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and Euro Soccer are available on most sportsbook sites. Maybe you like to bet on dart games or cricket tournaments.  Make certain the sportsbook has the events on which you like to wager. Also, a super casino always helps to make the decision, if you like a diversion while the games are in play.

Example: If you’re a big follower of snooker, recognize that not every site on the web is likely to offer the ability to bet on snooker. US-based sites probably are not likely to offer snooker while international and European websites usually offer considerable options.

Explore the breadth and depth of the betting options available.

Example: Not all events or are available in every sport or league. Not every video game is available in all online casinos. Similarly, not all props, moneylines, overalls, spreads, and other types of wagers are available on every site.

Wager Options Available

This guide is not meant to go in depth on the various wager options available or how they work, but we will address these in an upcoming article. Assuming basic knowledge of wagering, we look at the following points of interest.

Timeliness of Lines

When does the site post their lines on upcoming events? We try to find sportsbooks that post their lines early in the week, as sportsbooks that post their lines late cause occasional loss of opportunities.

User Interface

Is the site user-friendly? Many on-line sportsbooks can appear attractive on the first page, but are very user-unfriendly once you reach the user interface. The site has to be easy to join, easy to find events, and easy to place bets.

Mobile Betting Options

You will want to know that the sportsbook has fully responsive function for mobile devices.  This means that the website adjusts automatically to fit the screen of the device you are using.

We have found that some web-based operators fall short on how their products display on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. You should test this with your sportsbook to see if it meets your specific requirements.

Live Betting Options

Sometimes referred to as in-game betting, you’ll have the ability to bet on events already underway. While not recommended for beginners, live wagering options are an exciting way to enjoy sports.

Live sports betting is much different than the traditional practice of placing your bets before a match. Live betting markets adjust rapidly. Bettors need to make quick decisions.

You will definitely need to learn some basics when it comes to in-play betting. Then you can focus on strategy. The most important aspect of in-running wagering is the site you select that offers in-play betting. Choosing a trustworthy sportsbook is going to be key in your live-betting strategies, as only the most trusted operators are able to offer the depth and breadth of available sport markets.

Live betting might not fall within your comfort zone, and we recommend that you educate yourself before diving in.

Reliable Banking Options

While we aren’t going to examine or make recommendations concerning particular payment gateways, please remember that your banking options may be limited depending on where you reside. We will try to get an article published on payment and banking options in the future.

How you get paid is a huge consideration. You may have an existing account with a banking option that has an affiliation with the sportsbook you want to join. If not, be sure to check with the various sites we recommend to ensure quick payment.

Finally, you’ll want to check into the fees that the sportsbook or payment gateway companies charge, and consider any restrictions that might prohibit you from receiving payment.

Important: Make sure there are not high minimums for withdrawal. Although uncommon, this still exists with some operators.

Incentives, VIP Programs, and Rewards

The major point to make here is that you need to be cautious that an incentive does not draw you away from a really good sportsbook or a super casino that many trust.

Be sure you understand the terms of the promos before joining. Some VIP Programs don’t always work the way you think. Be clear on the rewards offered and what must occur to receive your reward or “freebie.”

Location Restrictions

Be certain that your sportsbook is not restricted from operating in your area. Additionally, if you travel, you will want to check to see if your sportsbook is accessible from the destination you intend to visit.

Sportsbook Reputation

While this article is not meant to rank the reputation of each individual sportsbook or casino, you should check the operators reputation online. Just a few years ago, Ladbroke was an operator nobody would think could close. While it is rare for this to happen, it does occur. Be careful and thoughtful, do your research and you’ll be fine. Below, we have provided a good resource that grades individual sportsbook operators.


A poor industry credibility rating or a poor reputation among customers, indicates an operator you should steer away from. Read actual customer reviews and see if the general response is positive.

Customer Service

Generally, when you research the reputation of a sportsbook, the superior sportsbooks are rated higher because of their excellent customer service. We have chosen to work with these sportsbooks:

Find your comfort zone. The reality is that the top five sportsbooks are busy. Very busy. You’ll need to have patience and be reasonable in your expectations. These sportsbooks are busy because they are the very best.

Example: If you are stressing about a support ticket you requested 24 hours prior, give it some time. We have seen some testimonies in our research that seemed uncharacteristic for the specific sportsbook. Oftentimes, it is from a customer of a top sportsbook who simply didn’t have the patience to resolve the issue.

With this being said, be sure that you are comfortable with the level of customer service you are receiving or not receiving. Our next suggestion will bring this into better focus.


Consider Joining 2 or 3 Sportsbooks

Your customer experience is sure to vary. In a short time, you will know whether to work with all or just one. You will also find that the versatility of having accounts with multiple sportbooks minimizes frustration when one event or prop is apparently unavailable on one site but liberally offered on another.

Regardless of whether the sites offer the events you are seeking, keep your multiple operator accounts open. remember that there are times that your favorite site goes down or slows to the point that you cannot submit a bet ticket. Always have a back-up plan.


Do your homework. You will see lots of garbage review sites. Move on and find sites that provide sensible advice for picking the best sportsbook for your goals. We hope you consider coming back for more articles about casino gambling and online sports betting.